I’m about to launch bone broths.

In August, I planned to release broths 2 weeks after the cookies. So yes that was naive of me. I hadn’t factored in obtaining food safety approval, business license approval, jar label design, printing of labels, and the time it would take to become more proficient in a professional kitchen. And all that was just for the cookies. Yikes.

I’m so grateful for the Chefs surrounding me: Karima who is developing all the recipes and Nathan who is allowing me to cook out of his restaurant kitchen Dosanko. They both remind me that this is all very normal.

For the broths, it’s been a bunch of new learnings again. The packaging was something that I’ve been struggling with. I had initially imagined that broths ordered a la carte would be frozen in canning jars so they could be reused or returned (for a $1 refund).

The lack of space for storing the canning jars and the expense of the jars at $1 each were the details that led me to deciding to use plastic bags commonly used to hold frozen broths. These bags are BFA-free and cheaper and easier for customers to store in their freezers. I’m still feeling guilt around it.

Where my zero waste vision will be realized is in the meal plans because everything will be delivered in reusable containers and then retrieved at the next delivery.

I promised to provide an update on working with the Aboriginal Mothers Centre Society. I met with the Executive Director and had a great conversation about how feeding mama can provide support. For now, proceeds from every purchase go towards AMCS.

I’ve also had a conversation with an Indigenous media maker to receive advice on how to approach centering Indigenous mothers and communities. The biggest lesson I learned was that I needed to make and nurture relationships. And that this nurturing takes time and commitment and patience. I was humbled and grateful that this person so generously shared their time and knowledge with me.

Mona Stilwell