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We are documenting the process of starting Feeding Mama.



MONA: I’m Mona Stilwell and for a long time I was a Project Manager working in the software industry helping companies build websites and mobile apps. And 3 years ago, I birthed twin girls. (girls at daycare) The day my girls were born, my mom called a private home chef to make and deliver traditional Chinese postpartum meals to me for 30 consecutive days. This is me talking to Bill my husband about that first month.

MONA: because I don’t remember much the first month after the girls were born. What was your impression of the meals that were delivered to me?

BILL: I’m not sure how much I remember as well. Yeah, I just remember how they were, there was a fair amount of food, um. you know there was. uh, you know, there was always some constants in terms of some fairly strong soups, or you know, a fair amount of organ meat and things like that. and yeah, it seemed very nourishing not necessarily the most. it always seemed. I don’t know how excited you were to eat it but i mean you were, you were not really thinking about food so it was good to have someone else thinking about it for you.

MONA: The business I’m starting will modernize those traditional Chinese dishes. My vision is to work with nutritionists, dieticians and registered Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners to bring those recipes to a wider audience. Actually, I’m not bringing those recipes to a wider audience. I’m bringing the key ingredients that are helping to heal mothers to the wider audience and focusing on them as a food as medicine type approach. I hope you’ll follow along as I share all the things I’ve learned and all the hilarious things that I’m gonna come across. It’s definitely gonna be fun and definitely funny. I’m really looking forward to building this business and sharing it with everybody. Thanks.

Mona Stilwell