Launching the website made me a little nervous.

Which is interesting since I've been in the web/software industry for 10 years and have launched much much much larger websites during that time. Of course, it's because this is personal. Feeding Mama is my personal vision, one that brings together my drive to help others and my love for tasty food.

And there's absolutely no way I could have gotten to today without the incredible talent and skill of these wonderful folx that I'm so grateful who have supported me along the way:

  • Bill Stilwell for not even hesitating a second when I first talked about leaving my job and then being wholeheartedly supportive of my funemployment to pursue a business idea borne out of my own postpartum experience.

  • Karima Chellouf for hearing me describe this never-done-before idea and then following through with the recipe development I've been envisioning for a year, for mentoring me in the art of baking in a professional kitchen, and for writing ridiculously informative and clean writing. Karima is an absolute powerhouse of talent. Hire her.

  • Anita Cheung for branding and website. When she's not hosting a retreat or running her meditation service or teaching yoga, Anita can drill into a target demographic and help you realize the appropriate brand. She's rather talented. Hire her.

  • Emily Lewis for patiently guiding me in better understanding Traditional Chinese Medicine and doing extra research on ingredients that were never part of the TCM canon in our efforts to include as many superfoods as we can. Her heart is generous and open. See her for acupuncture and herbal dispensaries.

  • Aki and Nathan Lowry for allowing me into their restaurant to learn the kitchen life then inviting me to bake out of their establishment. They just celebrated a milestone one year of Dosanko Restaurant as a family-run business and their stamina for continuing to offer welcoming service and delicious local/seasonal foods is just incredible to witness. Go eat at Dosanko.

It is with immense gratitude and thanks that I also recognize the following guides who have been a part of my journey so far:

  • Lucy Gregory at Salt Design for designing and copy editing the landing page and initial website in the course of a single day. She is another multi-talented individual who is doing beautiful designing with her agency.

  • Lindsey Pleskott, (RD) for diving straight into the challenge of developing recipes influenced by the traditional Zuo Yuezi meals. Her insight into the nutritional requirements for those who recently birthed babies is invaluable and helped move me forward. Lindsey also has an outstanding party deck that I hope to one day have when I grow up.

  • Cara Halber, (RHN, CWPC) for showing me the fun side of coming up with creative snack recipes that are nutritious but also include unusual ingredients like red dates and longans.

  • Renée Chan, (MS, RDN, CDN) for being the hardest working entrepreneur I've ever met. She worked through an entire menu with me before I realized that I wanted to go in another direction with the food. I learned so much from Renée about dedication and confidence.

  • Amanda Dahler for being straight up me and being the first person to ask me hard questions about who my customer would be. I probably should have figured out the product and customer before asking Amanda for a logo.

Mona Stilwell