pinching myself

Showing up in the morning with a bin of food at the home of a new parent was my original vision for starting Feeding Mama. As of 3 weeks ago, that vision came to life!

Well, the ability to order the meal plan called the Signature Meal Plan could be purchased happened 3 weeks ago. It took 2 more weeks before someone purchased a meal plan :-)

21 months after leaving my job as a Product Manager at a software company, the dream is here!

i would be lying if I didn’t admit that the Project Manager in me (I’m PMP certified, folx!) is a little disappointed at my initial launch estimate of 6 months. Oh gosh, the unknown unknowns! I’m only 15 months behind, no biggie.

So here I am. The dream is here.

I’m excited and focused and also struggling with imposter syndrome big time. I’m cooking in a kitchen commissary where my neighbours are food entrepreneurs who are many fold times more experienced as cooks and chefs churning out food at a very high production capacity. I’m intimidated for sure and also finding strength in my own path that’s going to be unique to me and the project I’m bringing to life.

Thank you for being on this adventure.

Mona Stilwell