The Traditional

The Traditional


Delivered frozen. Deliveries are in the Lower Mainland on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

$12 for 600mL

Drawn from timeless Chinese recipes, our traditional broth is formulated by our team of expert nutritionists and TCM practitioners. Designed with new parents in the postpartum period in mind, a healthy diet that includes foods high in protein, collagen, and minerals can promote healing and:

  • Aid tissue repair, muscle and joint aches/pains, fatigue, cleansing, and prevent anemia

  • Support digestive health (which, in turn, supports the rest of your wellness)

  • Increase immune strength (which is lowered in times of stress)

  • Protect joints and reduce pain (due to a high collagen content)

  • Improve skin health and firming (more connective tissue formation)

Ingredients: Water, pork, lotus root, onion, ginger, red date, garlic, kombu, apple cider vinegar, goji berries, gluten-free soy sauce

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